Zodiac Nature2 Spa Cartridge #195zk

Zodiac Nature2 Spa Cartridge
REDUCES CHEMICAL USAGE AND PROVIDES A HEALTHY, SAFE AND ODOR-FREE SPA! The Nature2 Spa destroys bacteria in your spa to dramatically improve the look, feel and smell of your spa water! This unique mineral blend, used in conjunction with a small dose of lithium shock or MPS (non-chlor spa shock), and periodic water balancing is all you need for a complete spa sanitizing system! Simply slip Nature 2 Spa into your spa filter while the unique design allows water to penetrate all sides of the plastic chamber to ensure even distribution of its minerals. Not to be used with Bromine, sodium Bromide or biguanides. If you are using any of these, drain and refill the spa before using the Nature 2 Spa Purifier.
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