Zeo Pool Sand Filter Media Cleaner #415zr

Zeo Pool Sand Filter Media Cleaner
50 Lbs. of ZeoSand Pool Filter Media Replaces 100 lbs. of Regular Sand, AND Keeps the Pool Cleaner!ZeoSand filter media filters pool water more effectively than sand 50 lbs. of ZeoSand replaces 100 lbs. of sandZeoSand?s crystalline structure acts as a molecular sieve to strain out small particles and irritating ammonia ionsLarger surface area traps more dirt and debris than sand, resulting in cleaner pool waterReduces need for chemical rebalancingIdeal for use in residential swimming pools, commercial pools, aquariums and filtration plantsTo clean ZeoSand, use the ZeoSand Filter Cleaner available for purchase separately. 1 qt. treats a 24 in. pool sand filter; 2 qts. treats a 30 in. to 36 in. pool sand filter.
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