Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge #456gs

Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge
SPA FROG? Floating System uses pre-filled mineral and bromine cartridges that snap into a reusable floating holder and works in any spa. The SPA FROG? Floating System transforms your spa into the perfect environment for soothing relaxation with up to 50%* less bromine than standard bromine spas. The Cartridges are easily adjusted to meet the sanitizing needs of virtually any size spa. Additional information: Easy To Use Set the mineral adjustment to #6 and snap the Spa Frog? mineral cartridge into one of the openings in the holder. Simply replace every 4 months. Snap the Spa Frog? bromine cartridge into the floater?s other opening. This cartridge has a setting for just about any size spa. All you need is at least 1.0 ppm of bromine. Simply replace when empty (approximately 2-4 weeks).
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