Lithium Pool Shock – 24 X 1 lb #125ve

Lithium Pool Shock - 24 X 1 lb
Prevents bleached spots on vinyl liners – Lithium shock dissolves so fast it’s gone before it hits the floor! Providing exceptional chlorination, lithium shock is superior to calcium hypochlorite shock and is becoming more and more popular among owners of residential swimming pools. Available as granular pool shock. Lithium shock is completely soluble and produces excellent chlorination. Effectively kills bacteria and prevents algae growth. Lithium shock dissolves immediately. Will not cause cloudy residue. Will not bleach vinyl pool liners. Will maintain the appearance of your pool liner and your pool water. Lithium pool shock is ideal for hot days and heavy bather loads. Great for weekly use. Contains lithium hypochlorite. Compare to Burn Out 35?, Fast Shock? and Super Chlorinator 35?. Dosage: 1 lb. per 6,000 gallons. Available in different quantities. Economically priced for excellent value!
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· Lithium Pool Shock – 24 X 1 lb · Pool Shock

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