Liquid Sand Pool Filter Cleaner – 1 qt #139rl

Liquid Sand Pool Filter Cleaner - 1 qt
Keep your sand filter clean and working efficiently with liquid sand filter cleaner! Liquid sand filter cleaner provides an easy yet effective way to clean your sand filter. This pool sand filter cleaner is safe for use in all sand filters. Removes built-up, caked-on contaminants that backwashing alone will not remove. Will remove oils, grease and minerals that have accumulated in your sand filter. Aids the filter backwashing process. Will restore your filter’s efficiency. Keeps your sand cleaner for an extended lifespan. Fast-acting, concentrated formula. Will allow you to continue enjoying top-notch performance from your sand filter. Add 8 ounces of liquid pool sand filter cleaner to your skimmer prior to every backwashing to maintain efficient filtration. Effective and reliable formula. Available in 1 quart or 4 quart quantities. Easy to use. Economically priced for excellent value.
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