8ft Double Black Pool Water Tube #331it

8ft Double Black Pool Water Tube
STRONG AND STURDY DOUBLE POOL COVER BAGS WON’T BREAK OR SPLIT! Double chamber pool cover tubes won’t roll like single-chamber pool cover tubes. If one chamber becomes punctured, the remaining is still a good pool cover weight. Our heavy-duty pool cover bags are up to 35% heavier than other water bags, and have significantly more puncture resistance. Each water bag is pre-inspected. No-leak red valve stays put during the winter. Unique design locks the garden hose into valve during filling, and a softer plastic makes closing them a snap. Double water tubes are available in Blue, and we also offer Black Water Tubes or Tan Water Tubes to match your winter pool decor. Buy enough pool cover tubes to lay them end to end around your pool cover edge. Overlap the water tubes in areas where your pool cover covers the deck by less than 2 ft. Save even more with our 6-Pack Solid Cover Water Bag Special.
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